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CAST IRON: balusters, arrowheads, fences, railings




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CAST IRON fences and railings

The advantage of cast iron railings is that they are perfect both inside and outside the house. The use of cast iron elements in interiors can help us define the style. Especially if we feel good in an industrial or loft climate - then we can use raw cast iron forms. If we like the rustic style, or we feel good in historical or antique spaces, then decorative iron castings as elements of space will help us recreate such an atmosphere.

If we use GICOR cast iron fences and railings outside, we can successfully combine them with other materials, such as stone, concrete, steel or wood. The main feature of cast iron elements that can be used outside is their durability. Our fences are made of the highest quality cast iron, in addition, each element is powder coated, which makes our products extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions such as: rain, snow and sudden temperature changes. 

Places where Cast iron FENCES AND BALUSTRADES are most often used:

Cast iron is ECO

Compared to other materials such as plastic, steel and aluminum, cast iron has a low carbon footprint. The production process of cast iron elements is based on almost 100% scrap metal and recycled metal. After many years of use, we can recycle cast iron to its fullest potential.